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This is something cutting edge for us. We currently have self-driving commercial transport trucks in client operations. saron22 Specialist - Trucks » CUV control product malfunction. In city movement, this can be performed while running or unloading goods. Officially, the vehicle is currently a conversion of a diesel model. Short circuit or open outlet of the tachograph power supply. Smurfit Kappa, with global transport provider, Scania, include entered relationship in order to exchange materials applied to its supply chain with paper-based label solutions. Scania AXL does not have a pickup truck's cab and that changes the game substantially, said Claes Erixon, ems s6 Mind of Research and Development at Scania. Often such a defect occurs, for instance , after swapping any element which is combined with SOPS as well as the chassis number does not play in the parameters on this subassembly (BMS LAS GMS ICL APS).