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This template is used on the Main Page to show an image or media file with a caption underneath.

Usage[edit source]

Note: Prefer images in landscape orientation. If you must use one in portrait orientation, avoid very skinny ones. If you must choose a skinny image, then please specify the height as well (e.g., 120x120), but note that if you do so, there will be a gap between left or right edge of the image (depending on the what side of the container the template appears) and the edge of the section.

{{Main page image
| image         =  <!-- name of the file, with or without the File: prefix -->
| link          =  <!-- optional: file to which you want the image to link, with or without the File: prefix -->
| border        =  <!-- optional: "yes" for a border; defaults to no border -->
| width         =  <!-- optional: width of image in pixels, with or without "px"; defaults to 120; can also use 120x120 syntax -->
| caption       =  <!-- optional: wiki text -->
| caption align =  <!-- optional: left, right, or center; defaults to left -->
| title         =  <!-- optional: image title; if blank, will use the caption, alt text, non-default "link=" target, or nothing (in that order) -->
| alt           =  <!-- optional: image alt text; if blank, will use the caption, title, or image name (in that order) -->